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Hi guys, I am looking for someone to be able to create a cat enclosure with times that can be purchased from Bunnings. If your installers unable to do that i also need help with installing this cat enclosures that I am interested in: I would need a clear polycarbonate roofing which can be purchased from bunnings and to be installed on top of the enclosure to protect them from rain and heat but light can go through. I would need to protect the base from mud with either pvc steel wood or anything durable attached to the bottom to protect it from mud and dirt. one way would be to purchase mesh wire and then fake grass or carpeting on top to make it easy to walk on for me and them.

With regards to 24/7 access for entry I have decided to purchase a sliding window cat door insert which slides inside where the fly screen is and the window can be closed up to where the insert is.i need that installed as well and apparently its super easy. The examples of the cat door attachments are included in my pictures which is what the finished installation will look like. I will be purchasing a 1.8m Aerial cat tunnel (on the enclosure website) unless you are confident to do it from scratch which i can buy extra wire mesh to use which will need to be attached to the window where the cat door is and being penetrated through the enclosure(example picture is attached).

The enclosure website I had included on top has pictures and samples of all and how it is done. If you could see the window right past the sliding door is where I would put the cage or enclosure and put it against the window.

i also need to have toilet box (examples of how it is done is on the website of the enclosure) to have hole cut into the mesh and clipping a box with a cover of any durable material (leftover polycarbonated roofing) that is weather proof so they can go in and out and us the litter box. The lid needs to pop open every time so i can clean the litter box and re fill it. the examples fo what others make and do is on the website or even other websites if that helps.

I am gathering quotes asap and looking for someone experienced with this kind of installation (the portable enclosures are made normal so people can install them with ease) as I need to take this with me every time I move house. I am fully vaccinated and the work is done outside and only inside sections is fine minutes to do the window insert. I have also attached screen shots of what i have added in bunnings cart but not sure which is better or can be used as i am not a carpenter but willing to purchase whatever you indicate and let me know or if you could buy them and provide me with the invoices and final quote of installation and creation that would work too.

Thank you. this website doesn't let me attach all the photos so i don't know how to attach them all.