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Next few weeks

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Looking for an hourly or daily rate handyman to help with the following.
Per photos, the timber batten structure under a raised pool deck has rusted out. Previous setup was 100mm x 100mm hardwood posts in stirrups set in concrete, and then the top of the posts attached with brackets to underside of concrete pool deck. Looking to do a direct replacement of the same setup. As such, I need:
- 3 x existing concrete settings dug out, removed & cleaned up for 3 new post holes ready to be reset.
- Setting of 3 x stirrups for fixing 100 x 100 hardwood posts
- re-fix old batten structures. This is 2 key sections. 1) timber battens fixed to timber frame & 2) timber battens fixed to old rusted metal frame. All battens (~20 battens) will need to be removed and re-fixed with new galvanised nails
- old rusted metal gate structure to be replaced with basic timber frame
- some odd bits and bobs e.g. new bolt lock, basic gal hinges etc.