With their sleek, modern design and ultra-crisp picture, sales of flat-screen TV’s are at an all-time high.  While some choose to display their flat-screen on an entertainment stand, many people choose to mount their flat-screen on a wall or over a fireplace.


Yes, instructions abound on the Internet telling you how to install your flat-screen correctly.  And for those of you who consider yourselves to be particularly handy, you may wonder why it is necessary to hire (and pay) a professional to do the job.


Mounting a flat-screen TV may seem like a fairly straightforward task, but there are several things to consider.


  • You’ll need a thorough understanding of local codes. Do you know what the fire codes are in your city? What about building codes?  A licensed electrical contractor is required to be familiar with the intricacies of local codes and how they apply to the installation of your new TV.
  • Do you have the right tools? Most people won’t have the right tools on hand for properly installing a new TV. Buying or renting these tools will be costly.  It may simply be more cost-effective to hire a professional who already owns the proper equipment.
  • You’ll need a power source for your new television. Yes, you may have an electrical outlet in the general vicinity of the new TV, but it is most likely close to the floor and too low for your TV’s placement on the walls. A licensed electrical contractor can install a recessed electrical outlet behind your TV, and you won’t have to look at an unsightly power cord trailing down the wall from the TV to the outlet.
  • If you prefer not to hide your power cords, there are other options available. Your electrical contractor may be able to make specific suggestions for alternatives to running cables through the walls, including cable management raceways that attach to your walls.
  • Routing A/V cables through a wall can be a difficult task. If you have surround sound or any kind of stereo equipment, you will have a multitude of cables leading in and out of the TV. These are not only unsightly but can also be dangerous to have sitting around, especially if you have small children. An electrical contractor has the knowledge and the equipment to run all of your cabling through the walls, keeping them out of sight and out of reach.
  • It may be necessary to route some cables through an attic or crawl space. Most electrical contractors are working in tight spaces and have experience with running cables through attics or crawl spaces.


Sure, it may be tempting to take the do-it-yourself approach to installing your new TV.  However, hiring a licensed electrical contractor to do the job ensures that your TV will be installed correctly and safely, and in accordance with local codes.


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